Assisting (Japanese) expats in The Netherlands & Europe


Do you have trouble communicating with your Japanese clients?

Have you ever walked out of a meeting with your Japanese client and thought  it really went well only to hear nothing from them thereafter?

Dealing with Japanese clients comes with a manual. The communication gap with the language is only one aspect of it.

Bridging the cultural gap is another aspect to communicating effectively with your Japanese clients. 

Being a native English speaker, fluent in Japanese and Dutch, having a solid knowledge of cultures,with being born and brought up in Japan, living in India and The Netherlands,

I am capable of providing accurate information in all these settings.




-Accompanying and interpreting to government offices, hospitals, banks, veterinarian, dentists and general practitioners
-Accompanying and interpreting for business groups on assignment and corporate visits
-Interpreting in corporate meetings and business negotiations
-Consecutve Interpreting -Travel/Cultural Intemediary Interpreting
-Foreign Langauge Speaking Assistant
-Scheduled Telephone/Skype Interpreting
-Expat relocation services
-Assisting opening Bank accounts in The Netherlands
-Accompanying interpreter on Doctors visits and hospitals
-Accompanying interpreter to municipality




市役所、病院、学校、その他 オランダ語から日本語への通訳を承ります。 





Hajimemashite!  Thank you for visiting.

Being born and brought up in Japan, subsequently having moved to India and currently The Netherlands, I understand the challenges of moving to a new country only too well where daily life tasks become difficult to navigate.

My name is Vinita Salomé, and I speak five and a half languages. A native English speaker fluent in Japanese and very comfortable in the Japanese culture .

I  am also fluent in Dutch and am currently learning Italian, where the half comes in. That leaves us with two more Indian languages.

This consultancy business started out of this need, while helping my Japanese colleagues to understand the ins and outs of a country where they did not speak the language.

From visiting health care specialists with individuals to interpreting in corporate environments.

Alongside being a Japanese interpreter, I am a Portrait and Travel Photographer currently based in The Netherlands. Here is a snippet of my  photography work below.

Feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

Contact Details


Vinita Salomé +31(0)6-48469940

ヴィニータ サロメ +31(0)6-48469940